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MamaRoo Comfort Pouch


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A natural alternative for heat/cold pack therapy!

Comforting pain relief from a natural hot/cold pouch!

And it’s so soft!

Refillable hot/cold flaxseed pouches. 

Doubled inner pouch.

Washable outer pouch.

Made of soft, absorbable, natural hemp/cotton fleece. 

Generous size, 9 inches by 14 inches.

Pouch is flexible and stays in place, even on neck, shoulders and knees!

Heat in the microwave for dry or moist heat, cool in the freezer, throw in the laundry…  
What could be easier!

Dear MamaRoo,
I keep meaning to tell you that I have been using your comfort pouch this entire pregnancy... every night, we heat it up in the microwave and I bring it to bed.  It has been a life saver for my aching back, stretching sides and cramping legs!!!!
Thanks so much for it, 
Naomi, NY

A Word About the Fabric!

MamaRoo Comfort Pouch is made of 
All Natural 
55%Hemp/45%Cotton Blend 
fleece and muslin.  

This fabric is completely 
Sustainable & Biodegradable 
and it is NATURALLY grown! 

Read more about our fabric.

These delightful hot/cold pouches are a natural alternative to water bottles and electric heating pads.  The inner pouch is filled with approximately two pounds of organic flaxseed, nature’s heating element.  With several folded layers, the inner pouch completely contains the seeds, eliminating the need for zippers, snaps or enclosures of any kind.  This folded designs allows you to leave as is or to scent the pouch according to preference; add your own aromatic herbs!  Try lavender or chamomile, peppermint or rosemary… whatever works for you!  A list of helpful aromatic herbs is provided with your pouch.

The outer pouch is made of a dreamy soft fleece and can be removed for washing.  Made of hemp/cotton, this outer pouch actually aids the flaxseed in holding the desired temperature for a much longer time than single layer cotton pads.

Enjoy a larger healing area, these pouches measure a full 9 inches by 14 inches!  Place a pouch on your head, over your eyes, lay under the lumbar area or even use as a lumbar pillow, lay a pouch the long way along your entire backbone, use for sore knees, tired muscles…

Great for children, once heated to a safe temperature or frozen they can be used to help children through their aches and pains.

Excellent choice for nursing moms!  Place a warm pouch under the breast while nursing in bed.  Helps to relieve clogged ducts and engorgement and also provides soothing warmth for a nursing infant or toddler.  Even warm a pouch and place in the baby’s sleeping blankets before bringing baby to bed, have a nice warm spot to tuck baby away, just be sure to remove pouch from the blankets before putting baby down for the night as pillows are not recommended in baby’s sleeping area.

Great for women who suffer from menstrual cramping, just let the heat penetrate into your belly or lower back!

Great during pregnancy!

Our Comfort Pouches are filled with organic flaxseed.  
Orders cannot be shipped out of the USA because of their natural content.

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Discontinued Item

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