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Staying home with your children can be incredibly difficult for most mothers.  Most of us have an education, a career that we've worked long and hard to achieve, mortgages, car payments, not to mention student loans!    Some families need the income from both mom and dad just to make ends meet.Other families want to maintain the style of living that they have grown accustomed to.  The big question is, "How do you balance work and childrearing, especially when you want to practice Attachment Parenting!"

Staying home with my son was never a question for me.  I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving him with a babysitter, letting him spend his days in a playpen, with a bottle shoved in his mouth, wearing dirty diapers, and maybe hanging off the sides of someone's crib!  Well, of course, not all daycare is like that, but when you're a mom that's the fear you have, and those are the images that popped into my head every time I thought of returning to work.  I had a beautiful baby boy, I wanted to be the one to raise him.  I said goodbye to my fast-paced NYC lifestyle, the weekly paychecks, the commissions, even contact with other career oriented people.  I was determined to raise my baby and give him all the love and attention that comes with Attachment Parenting!

With the commitment to give my son the best that I could give, came the responsibility of making some kind of income, allowing me to provide for him, and help my husband keep the finances in check.  My MamaRoo Baby Slings were the beginning of a steady income.  It took me about a year and a half to get that business moving successfully.  I had to market and advertise, place business cards everywhere I could find a bulletin board, and talk to every woman on the street who had a baby and who seemed to be an "Attached Parent."  Promoting my slings is always a joy for me, it is something that I truly believe in.  In the beginning, I had to spend a lot of time making the slings, and working on advertising, but I took everything in stride, and organized myself the best I could so that things would get done quickly during my son's naps.  Eventually, my business began to grow to a point that I had to look to other moms for help by adding the MamaRoo Baby Sling to their product lists.   

So, you're wondering, "How can I work from home, especially if I don't have a product to sell?"  Well, you don't have to have your own product to start a business.  In my case, I had my slings.  But, in the time since I began selling my slings, I have met many moms who had other products to sell through outside sources.  There are excellent business opportunities out there for moms who want to work from home.  Frankly, doing a search on the internet for 'work from home' jobs just doesn't bring in the kind of results that most moms are looking for.

I have had the opportunity to talk to many moms who work from home for various kinds of companies.   Finally, I decided on a work from home company that fitted into my way of life.  I became an independent  consultant, selling high quality educational toys and helping parents understand the importance of playing with their children and reading to their children.  Interacting with children is incredibly important, and being able to guide other mothers and make a modest income while playing with children definitely fit into my lifestyle.  

Part of the reason that I decided to become an independent consultant was the fact that I can draw the line where I feel comfortable, I feel no pressure, and can still go as far as I desire! 

I am providing you a list of several companies that are great for WAHM's/WFHM's.  These companies allow you to become your own independent consultant and work your own hours doing work that you truly enjoy.  Your success is completely up to you in these companies.  This list will grow as I learn about new companies, if you know of an excellent work from home company, feel free to forward it to me!  Bringing the work home has been the best choice for me and my family.  I hope it can be the best choice for you!

Consulting Opportunities:

Arbonne International
 (Contact Heather for more info on Arbonne International!)


Coastal Vacations
 (Contact Suzie for more info on Coastal Vacations!)

Discovery Toys
 (Contact Joyce for more info on Discovery Toys!)

Henn Workshops

Highlights Jigsaw


Leaving Prints
 (Contact Tina for more info on Leaving Prints)

Longaberger Company

Mary Kay

The M.O.M. Team
 (Contact Octavia  for more info)

NuSkin (skin care and has revolutionary products for moms)

Pampered Chef
 (Contact Stephanie for more info on Pampered Chef)

Party Lite

PhotoMax (a solution to digital photos and videos)

Pharmanex (supplementations and products from balancing hormones to weight loss)

Scent-Sations, Inc.
 (Contact Shelby for more info on Scent-Sation, Inc.)
Gourmet candles made from a soy and vegetable wax blend so they are all natural and clean burning.

Southern Living at Home

Stampin' Up
 (Contact Chris for more info on Stampin' Up)


Unique Baby Boutique
 (Contact Holly for more info on Unique Baby Boutique)

Your Travel Business

(Help a WAHM by puchasing your travel tickets through her site.)
(Contact Lynette for more information on starting your own travel site)

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Baby Wearing


Infant Sign Language

Natural Infant Hygiene (Diaper-Free)


Bilingual Infancy

Instinctive Mothering

Loving the Lost Baby

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EC Open Crotch Pants

Baby Sling

Face Kushes, Chiropractic/Massage Towels