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MamaRoo Face Kushes


Helping To Make
Your Adjustments And Massages
More Comfortable 
For The Whole Family!

Get more out of your massage or
chiropractic adjustments!

Designed to cover most chiropractic and massage tables. 

Reversible, use on either side.

Opening in the middle allows air to flow freely.

Made of soft, absorbable, natural hemp/cotton fleece. Hemp is a natural water barrier and is known for its durability. 

Generous size, 12 inches by 17 inches with an 8 inch opening in center.

Families, buy your own today for your personal comfort!

Doctors and Masseurs, buy wholesale for your practice!  Give all of your patients the opportunity to enjoy these Face Kushes!   Some practitioners re-use and wash their kushes, others give them as gifts to new patients, still others offer them for sale to their patients.  How can the face kushes help you at your practice

When my chiropractor first asked me to design and stock these face kushes, I thought it was a great idea but wondered if I would be able to market them and get them into other chiropractic offices.  Well, it didn't take long!  I don't do any advertising for these kushes, but they sell well, all due to positive referrals from people who really love them!  As for me personally, I'll never put my face on the paper again!

PS.  Dr. Bill, thanks for the idea!  We love our Face Kushes!

Inspired by MamaRoo's own Family Chiropractor, these wonderfully soft face-towels are designed to cover the headrest of chiropractic and massage tables. 

These rectangular towels have an opening in the center which allows easier breathing for face-down patients, and incredibly soft cushioning for the rest of the face. 

These Face Kushes are made of a naturally absorbent hemp/cotton fleece, making them an excellent choice for patients who become emotional during adjustments or massages. 

Help do your part in keeping our planet green!  Replace paper with our environmentally friendly Face Kushes! Once you or your patients have had the pleasure of relaxing with our Face Kushes, they won't ever want paper again! 

A Word About the Fabric!

MamaRoo Face Kushes are made of an 
All Natural 55%Hemp/45%Cotton Blend fleece.  

This fabric is completely 
Sustainable & Biodegradable 
and it is NATURALLY grown! 

Read more about our fabric.


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