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All Natural Infant Clothes

Shirts, Onesies and Bibs for your little one!

All-natural, pesticide free, earth friendly  hemp/cotton fabric for your baby's sensitive skin. 

MamaRoo's infant clothes are perfect for your baby's sensitive skin, and they're affordable too.  These baby clothes are made of all natural, 55% hemp/45% cotton.  They come in a natural, creamy/ecru color, however they are prepared for dye.  Wear them as is, or dye to your preference. 

Made of soft, absorbable, natural hemp/cotton t-shirt jersey. Hemp is  known for its durability and resistance to stains. 

Hemp is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because it doesn't hold moisture against the skin.

Tiny flecks of color naturally appear in the material due to the hemp/cotton content.

Do you practice Elimination Communication/Natural Infant Hygiene with your baby?  If so, the T-shirts go great with the MamaRoo EC pants!


A Word About the Fabric!

MamaRoo Infant Clothes are made of an 
All Natural 55%Hemp/45%Cotton Blend t-shirt jersey.  

This fabric is completely 
Sustainable & Biodegradable 
and it is NATURALLY grown! 

Rest assured that no harsh chemicals
will touch your little one's tender skin.

Read more about our fabric.


Baby Onesie - 18-24 month - 3 snaps between legs, lap-shoulder/pull open neckline - short sleeved.  Perfect size for your little one, especially since they grow out of the 'baby shower sizes' so quickly!

Baby T-shirt - 6-12 month size - short sleeved

Toddler T-shirt - 2T size - short sleeved - can be worn on a younger baby as a baggy shirt, great for EC'ing!

Bibs - one size - great for teething wetness, introduction to solids...

Clothing can be bought individually, in ensembles or even in bulk for added savings!

The shirts are wonderful!  I dyed my daughter's shirt a deep raspberry color and the dye took really well.  The fabric is very soft.  Thanks MamaRoo!  I'm impressed!
Nichole, NC


I've chosen this selection of baby clothing specifically because of the quality and durability of the hemp/cotton blend!  It's so important to keep chemical exposure as limited as possible, and I feel that these clothes will make an excellent addition to your little one's wardrobe!  Dress your baby with the confidence that their sensitive skin is wrapped in all-natural fabric!.

I'm doing my best to make earth and baby friendly clothing affordable for every little person!

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