Instinctive Mothering

Becoming a mother is meant to be a fulfilling time for a woman. She is taking her place in the circle of life by bringing new life into the world. Throughout history women have felt the child growing within them.  They have endured the physical and emotional stress of childbirth. They have given birth and therefore passed this right of passage into motherhood.  They have seen their bodies miraculously nurture this tiny new life into existence by bringing the child to the breast.  They have carried the child in their arms, held their child’s hand, wiped away tears, and encouraged a bright smile. They have been protectors and guardians, role models, caregivers, counselors.

Being a woman, becoming a mother, I have started to see that my experiences have already been lived, and I am drawing from a long history of instinctive behavior. Women learn from their mothers, who learned from their mothers, back to antiquity. If women hadn’t learned to nurture their children, mind, body and soul, we wouldn’t be here today. I have created this site to show my views of child nurturing. I want to demonstrate that there was a gift given to women at the beginning of time; the gift of motherhood.  

In this day and age, so many things have been taken for granted. Women have begun to loose touch with their true selves. They are forgetting what was given to them. Bottles, diapers, cribs, daycare have taken the place of true nurturing. I’d like to reintroduce motherhood to women. Women need to see that they are an indispensable part of the circle of life.

They are needed... as mothers.


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