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Humanity Family BedŽ co-sleeping pillow

This Patented Bed Top Co-Sleeping Device 
Makes Your Bed Sharing Experience 
Safer And More Enjoyable!

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A safe and effective co-sleeping pillow 
that really allows you to experience 
the full scope of the family bed!

Extra thick and absorbent pad has plenty of room for Mom & Baby to sleep and nurse. The pad easily unsnaps for washing or use as a body pillow.

Added security of an extra long bolster so roll offs don't happen. The bolster is also a soft comfy body pillow. 

Makes attachment parenting easier and safer.

Pad keeps the pillow from toppling off the bed.

Allows for more peaceful sleep; Know your baby is safely by your side....for nursing and nurturing. Make your family bed the Humanity Family BedŽ.

Made of 100% organic cotton flannel, with organic cotton trim and thread.  The stuffing is a poly-fill made from recycled bottles.  It is odorless, washable and very soft.

Bedtime is a snap when you co-sleep, Babies love cuddling up to Mom & Dad!

Made in the USA! (*Due to availability, the same high quality fabric occasionally comes from European suppliers.)


You will love the comfort and convenience of this product.
Make Your Family Bed The Humanity Family BedŽ.

  • Side bolster offers over 4 feet of roll off protection for your baby, one of the main concerns parents have with co-sleeping. No pushing your bed against a wall or using side rails (practices which have been shown to be dangerous). No need for bulky pillows along the bedside, taking up valuable sleeping space, no worries about pillows falling off of the bed allowing baby to fall to the floor, or worries about pillows covering baby's face during sleep.

  • Extra large sleeping pad is made of 3 layers of 100% organic cotton flannel, giving mom and baby a super soft, super absorbent sleeping surface. This pad absorbs milk leaked from the breasts during night time sleep and night time nursings, as well as messes from baby, making sleep time more comfortable, while protecting your sheets and mattress at the same time.
The Humanity Family BedŽ has a bolster which easily detaches and can then be used as a pregnancy body pillow, giving the mother-to-be a great night sleep!


The Humanity Family BedŽ is designed with extended breastfeeding in mind. Research shows that one of the main reasons moms stop breastfeeding is because of the lack of sleep they experience from the frequent night time nursings required in the beginning. By sleeping next to your baby, night time nursings are a breeze!


The Humanity Family BedŽ is designed with bed sharing in mind. It is sized to accommodate children from birth through toddlerhood, and when your little one is ready for their own bed, The Humanity Family BedŽ can go with them. No rolling out of their own bed either!

The Humanity Family BedŽ is great when traveling too. Makes co-sleeping easy when away from home.

The Humanity Family BedŽ is great for working moms. Sleeping next to your baby or toddler gives you extra time to reconnect.

We never bought a crib!  Our little boy has slept with us since the beginning; just as his father slept with his own mother for the first seven years of his life.  For us, there was no alternative, the baby slept with us.  After four years, we still sleep together!   Now with our newest addition to our family, we can safely continue co-sleeping.  Papa, son, Mama and newborn nephew are all together in a comfortable and safe sleeping area.  

This is a wonderful product!  

I am so impressed with MamaRoo! I was looking for a Humanity Family Bed to use with my infant son, and I found the best price at MamaRoo. When I emailed them with questions, they replied to me right away, and kept me fully informed of the shipping times. The bed arrived extremely quickly, and we've been very happy with it. I look forward to a long relationship with MamaRoo.
Jane, San Jose, CA

Thank you Jane!  You made my day!!! 
Smiles, MamaRoo

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