Baby Wearing MamaRoo Style

Choosing to use a baby sling.

During my pregnancy, I enjoyed the close contact that I had with my unborn child. I could feel his life inside of me. I knew when he was awake, when he slept. I could feel him growing and becoming stronger. As I waited with anticipation for the day of his birth, I felt it was necessary to find a way of continuing this close contact with him after he greeted the world. I knew that I wanted to carry him in my arms. I wanted to have as much skin to skin contact as possible. I also wanted him to have the opportunity to watch me carry out my daily affairs, and learn as a passive observer.  Of all the ways that have been invented to carry babies, I found that the most ancient way, a sling, was also the best way for me.

I tried several slings, finally falling in love with the wrap-style sling.  The MamaRoo Baby Sling was easy on my back, allowing me to carry my son with added support.  My husband and I carried our little boy in this style sling until he was almost 2 and a half!  Now he still remembers being carried in the sling, however he makes a point of being a big boy now and letting the little babies use his sling.  I will always remember the wonderful times I spent with my baby snuggled up under my chin, just begging for little kisses on the forehead!

Suggestions for Safe Baby Wearing

  • Keeping it Safe!
    • Your babyís safety is your responsibility. 
    • While your sling will give you freedom of movement and allow you to use your hands, you should be aware of your baby at all times. 
    • Make sure that your baby can breathe freely. 
    • Be ready to support your baby with your hands if the need arises. 
    • Bend at the knees and not the hip. 
    • Use caution when placing your baby in the sling and when removing your baby. 
    • Make sure that the fabric isnít pinching the baby or cutting off circulation to any part of the body. 
    • Tuck the tie-ends under the baby after making a knot to avoid tripping hazards.  
    • Have another adult help you with each position until you feel confident enough to wear the baby on your own.
    •  Remember, the sling is not meant to replace your hands, it is meant to give you support while carrying your baby.  
    • Keep the baby as close to your center of gravity as possible, right about on your belly button!  Even the single shoulder carrying positions can be worn with baby near your belly button rather than sitting constantly on your hip, just pull the baby around to your belly!
    • Wearing the baby too high or too low will cause neck and lower back pain.  Wearing the baby too loosely will cause shoulder pain.
    • When wearing the baby for extended periods of time, shift the baby's weight and  try different wearing positions occasionally.  This will help to disperse weight and cause less strain on your back, shoulders and neck.
    • Always check your sling seams before wearing your baby.  Though the MamaRoo Baby Sling is sewn with care and inspected before shipment to you, you should always be aware of the condition of your sling!  If you notice any fraying at the seams, contact MamaRoo for friendly suggestions immediately!

A windy day didn't keep us inside!  
We cuddled right up and went for our walk!

(26 months, 26 pounds!)


In appreciation for all the wonderful comments made at The Baby Wearer about MamaRoo!


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