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MamaRoo Baby Slings
Patent Application 10/6836


A fully adjustable, 
single or double shoulder support sling 
with the flexibility of a ringed sling, 
the comfort of a wrap, 
and the carrying convenience of a front-pack! 

Your baby will outgrow 
 the NEED to be worn in a sling
 BEFORE outgrowing 
 the MamaRoo Baby Sling!

The MamaRoo Baby Sling
is being described as 
for anyone who wants to wear baby
but is uncomfortable with one shoulder slings
or has back problems.

Because the weight is distributed evenly 
over both shoulders 
there is almost no strain at all  
when wearing baby. 

You won't believe how comfortable it is!

6 months
Natural color sling

Enjoy embracing your baby with several different carrying positions!

Nurse your baby discreetly in both the one-shoulder cradle-carry position and the double-shoulder carry position!  (Even help support your Breastbottle fed baby!)

Snuggle your baby in the double-shoulder front-facing carry (kangaroo) position.

Run quick errands with bay safely at your side in the hip-carry position.

Wear your toddler on your back!

Benefit from full back and shoulder support while comforting your baby and promoting the bonding process.

Manufactured in the USA by women.

Made of an all natural, 55% hemp/45% cotton blend fabric.  This fabric is completely Sustainable & Biodegradable and it is NATURALLY grown!

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6 months
forward facing cross-carry

Almost six months
Cradled, double-shoulder


Keep a younger baby's legs crossed inside the sling, and swaddle a newborn to support the developing pelvis.

The MamaRoo Baby Sling can be adjusted to fit any size baby, preemie all the way up to toddler!  So, as your baby grows, there will always be a safe and comfortable position.  (To better understand baby sling safety, Please read this article from the Continuum Concept website.) 

There are several different wearing positions to suite both the parents and the infant.  Babies can be worn facing inward, outward or sideways.  Smaller babies can be given even more support to their developing pelvis by swaddling in a receiving blanket before being placed in the sling!

The threading-pocket keeps the sling in the correct tie-position so that it doesn't need to be re-threaded every time you use the sling.  Simply pull the baby out of the sling and then pull the sling off like a shirt.  When you're ready to wear baby, just pull the sling back over your head!  
Need help?  E-mail MamaRoo!

Unlike other slings and wraps, the MamaRoo Baby Sling has a unique threading-pocket which keeps the sling tied in the correct position when you need to remove baby! This unique threading-pocket also gives added support to parent and baby by allowing the ties to pull around the wearer's hips in much the same way as the waist-belts used on hiking backpacks! The baby is carried closer to your center of gravity, allowing greater support to the lower back and keeping strain off the shoulders, greatly reducing neck pain and shoulder pain, and making baby wearing more enjoyable for both you and the baby! 

Burping hold position - sling worn tightly over one shoulder with baby up high.
(Long tying lengths are tucked up under the baby against mother's stomach.) 

3 months with feet bundled inside
Twilight Grey colored sling

On a plane!

26 months, 26 pounds!
Natural sling

11 month toddler and 6 months pregnant!
Amparo Blue, discontinued color


What can you expect when buying a
MamaRoo Baby Sling?  
A lot of SUPPORT, and not only back support!  
MamaRoo is here for you 
every step of the way.  
Have questions, need help, need advice...
Ask MamaRoo any time!  
Your satisfaction will bring you
many wonderful baby wearing memories!


I LOVE my MamaRoo. From the moment I got it, my life became so much easier. My son, now 7 1/2 months old is so comfortable in it and so am I. I have had neck problems my whole adult life and the other baby carriers, sling included (I tried 4 different baby carriers) all seemed to hurt after wearing them for a few minutes. The MamaRoo distributes the weight evenly and I have carried my son for hours pain free. My son loves to face out so we use it that way most often but when he gets tired, we face him in and he drops off to sleep.
I like the fabric. I bought an off white one of a hemp/cotton blend. It's made without pesticides, it's a renewable resource, very durable, and when it gets dirty, I just throw the whole thing in the wash. It gets softer every time I wash it.
Other baby carriers were bulky to carry around. I love that the whole thing folds into its own pocket so bringing it along is always easy.  - Melissa
, NY

Breastfeeding discreetly

Breastbottle Nursing


There is no padding, so your baby cuddles right up to you in the sling instead of up against the padding. Without padding you also get a closer fit.

There are no rings, no snaps, no buckles - making it really easy to wash. The threading-pocket takes the place of rings used by many over-one-shoulder slings by placing friction on the two tail ends that pull through either side of the fabric, much like a doubled drawstring.

Baby can be removed from sling quickly and easily, especially helpful for mothers practicing Natural Infant Hygiene with their undiapered infant! (Be sure to see our MamaRoo EC Pants!)  Baby can even be scooted forward and peed right from the sling when worn facing sideways as shown here.

There is a special pouch at the end of the sling which can accommodate some baby essentials or the sling itself.  Fold your sling neatly inside the pouch and use as a pillow for added support while nursing a newborn.

The Hemp/Cotton fabric has very little give  specifically to allow extra support to the carrier.  Not a stretchy fabric, you can count on your sling to keep its shape and support you properly.  The MamaRoo Baby Sling does not sag from a heavier baby's weight, unlike other wraps on the market.

Special design allows for more comfort and support when wearing baby.  Please keep in mind that this sling will help relieve stress when used in the most supportive carrying position.  

Finally!  A sling designed for the Full-Time Baby Wearing Mom!  Not intended for the Must Have Everything Mom, the MamaRoo is for the mom who knows that one good sling does it all!  (To benefit from a full-time baby wearing lifestyle, give your body time to "break in" gradually to baby wearing.  You start out slowly on a new exercise program, and you'll want to do the same with baby wearing.  Wear your baby for short periods of time until you have become accustomed to the weight distribution, or until you have mastered the art of babywearing!)

Sizing:  The MamaRoo baby sling will fit just about any mom when worn in the single shoulder carrying positions.  It will fit moms who are up to about 190 pounds when worn in the double shoulder carrying positions. 

Pre-threaded and folded prior to shipment.

Current Color Selection: 
Twilight Grey
Golden Barley
Autumn Sunset
Please note!  You will see slings made of differing fabrics.  Many moms have made their own slings then sent in the photos.
Wow!  Thank you so much MamaRoo!  I just got my sling, and it is wonderful!  I have a four month, 18 pound (I'm not kidding, we just weighed her!) baby.  I had a ring-close sling that only went over one shoulder and I have pinched a nerve  between my shoulder blades using it.  I'm very dedicated to carrying her though, and these last few days of putting her in the stroller have been very sad.  I can't believe how fast it got here!  Thanks again!  
Laurel (Spain)
Endorsement by Network Chiropractor Dr. Anthony Zammiello
After reviewing the MamaRoo baby sling, I wholeheartedly recommend it to my patients.  By allowing the user to position the straps over both shoulders and around the hips, it helps to distribute the load better, thus reducing the strain on the upper and lower back. It also offers better support for the baby which helps to minimize stress on their developing spines.
Dr. Anthony Zammiello, D.C. - Zammiello Family Chiropractic
1093 Rt. 376 Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
  (845) 298-2104

Keeping it Safe             Smart Baby-wearing Suggestions

Your baby’s safety is your responsibility.
  • While your sling will give you freedom of movement and allow you to use your hands, you should be aware of your baby at all times. 

  • Make sure that your baby can breathe freely. 

  • Be ready to support your baby with your hands if the need arises. 

  • Bend at the knees and not the hip. 

  • Use caution when placing your baby in the sling and when removing your baby. 

  • Make sure that the fabric isn’t pinching the baby or cutting off circulation to any part of the body. 

  • Tuck the tie-ends under the baby after tying to avoid tripping hazards.  

  • Have another adult help you with each position until you feel confident enough to wear the baby on your own.

  •  Remember, the sling is not meant to replace your hands, it is meant to give you support while carrying your baby.  

  • Keep the baby as close to your center of gravity as possible, right about on your belly button!  Even the single shoulder carrying positions can be worn with baby near your belly button rather than sitting constantly on your hip, just pull the baby around to your belly!

  • Wearing the baby too high or too low will cause neck and lower back pain.  Wearing the baby too loosely will cause shoulder pain.

  • When wearing the baby for extended periods of time, shift the baby's weight and  try different wearing positions occasionally.  This will help to disperse weight and cause less strain on your back, shoulders and neck.

  • Always check your sling seams before wearing your baby.  Though the MamaRoo Baby Sling is sewn with care and inspected before shipment to you, you should always be aware of the condition of your sling!  If you notice any fraying at the seams, contact MamaRoo for friendly suggestions immediately!

No longer for sale 

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