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AdiriBreastbottle® Nurser

The Breastbottle® Nurser by Adiri™ 

It truly is the next breast thing 
to breastfeeding.™

Note:  MamaRoo firmly believes that breastfeeding is best for baby.  However, understandably, there are times when baby must be fed by other means.  MamaRoo has chosen this Breastbottle® Nurser by Adiri™ because it is a remarkable alternative to breastfeeding.


Soft and comforting natural shape

Breast-like design provides warm contact with baby's chin, cheeks, nose and hands

Bubble-free delivery with a special valve that minimizes air ingestion and helps to  reduce colic

Adjustable flow rate

Easy to fill and clean

High infant acceptance and reduced nipple confusion

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Ideal for switching between breast and bottle

Manufactured in the USA


Nursing means so much to me; I still nurse my four year old son!  When my sister-in-law needed to return to work and I found myself the full-time caregiver of her breastfed newborn, I chose the Adiri™ Breastbottle® Nurser for my nephew.  The Breastbottle® Nurser not only helped the baby to continue satisfying his breastfeeding needs, it also helped me to comfortably feed her baby and safely provide him with all the loving contact that I give to my own son.  

Breastbottle Nursing in a 
MamaRoo Baby Sling

Soft and Warm: Filled with warm milk, Adiri's™  new nurser provides an amazingly breast-like substitute that is soft, snuggly and comforting, more like breastfeeding than any other bottle.

Ideal Size: Its 7 fl.oz. or 200 ml size is based on the maximum amount a typical breastfeeding mother provides. Medical professionals suspect that conventional 8oz. and 9oz. capacity bottles may be a leading cause of infant obesity.

Less expensive than disposable systems: Once you purchase your Adiri™  nursers, you have no more expense until they wear out. Prices compare very favorably with disposable systems that require over $100 worth of liners in 12 months, plus replacement nipples to increase flow as your baby's needs increase.

Testimonials: With over 100,000 Breastbottle
® nursers sold to date, Adiri™  has received testimonials from many satisfied customers, nationally recognized doctors, lactation consultants and childbirth educators who recommend them for their important advantages over conventional feeding bottles. Nursing toddlers have verbalized that they like the Breastbottle® nurser because it "feels like mommy"!

Bubble-free delivery: A special valve eliminates negative pressure in the Breastbottle
® nurser and minimizes bubbles in the contents. Since air ingestion may cause colic and other infant distress, this is an important design feature that few breast substitutes offer. The soft walls of the Breastbottle® nurser also enable some control over flow rate, so you can simulate let-down as in breastfeeding. The life-like shape, feel and flow rate are all important in minimizing nipple confusion...and a patented adjustable nipple permits three distinct rates of flow to meet every growing baby's needs.

Special safety features: Falling on our mostly soft container is far less dangerous than with rigid, tubular bottles, and there's less risk associated with pull-out of smaller nipples. The wide base is exceptionally stable, easy to fill and clean, and a child-proof closure system provides security unlike any other nursing bottle. The Breastbottle
® nurser dome is Class VI pharmaceutical grade silicone, probably the safest, most expensive, highest quality elastomer available for this application.

*Note: Microwaving is not recommended as it can be harmful to the quality of breastmilk, and may harm formula as well. Microwave heating is prone to hot spots and contents should always be stirred, then carefully checked for temperature before serving.

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This product has recently been discontinued by Adiri.  
We are replacing the Adiri Breastbottle Nurser with 
the Adiri Natural Nurser.


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